Why NextGen Learning

Our single focus is creating high-quality eLearning.

We believe eLearning at its best does more than just instruct. Effective eLearning also reminds, communicates, challenges, inspires, and connects – all in the context of a crisp, relevant, and well-organized delivery. As an experienced learning provider, we’re committed to and motivated by the goal of translating your vision into training that supports team growth through individual learning.


Track Record

We have a six-year record of success in delivering a broad range of learning solutions in Fortune 50 environments around the world.


The ability of our designers and developers to consistently deliver high quality, creative solutions is what differentiates NextGen.



We understand that project conditions can change and goals can shift. We are always ready to shift with them if necessary to hit the “bull’s eye”.


We work with and maintain a network of experienced developers who bring their talent and expertise to projects large and small.

What is Quality Training?

When you get down to it, developing quality learning content is hard work and never follows the same path twice – which makes understanding what success looks like all the more important. We believe the following are hallmarks of quality eLearning and constantly measure our work against them:

  • Professionally relevant

  • Easy to navigate

  • Clearly written

  • Visually inviting

  • Engagingly interactive

  • Includes practice and examples

  • Provides repetition with variety

  • Exceeds learner expectations

The NextGen Approach

NextGen applies a proven 5-step process based on industry best practice. Even for highly customized solutions, our process has a “bend but not break” quality that keeps work on schedule while accommodating change. Our approach has resulted from techniques honed and lessons learned over the course of building 100+ custom eLearning solutions.


The NextGen Approach

Our best practices have evolved along with the rest of the industry since the introduction of web-based training in the early 1990′s. We understand the questions to ask, approaches to suggest, and risks to avoid to keep work on track and on budget. Time-tested and results-driven, our ability to consistently deliver quality reflects the repeated application and refinement of our high standards and proven process.

NextGen’s 5 Step Process

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